Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pay-What-You-Can Tuition

piggie bank
We now have - through Shunpike -  a tax-deductible fund to accept grants and donations.  DONATE HERE  Our plan is to develop this fund quickly so we can underwrite the costs associated with our mission.  As Tacoma Youth Theatre grows, the overall costs will begin to decrease.  Here is the current per-child breakdown of the costs associated with producing a play at Tacoma Youth Theatre:

Instructor One     $83.33
Instructor Two     $41.67
Insurance            $25.00
rent                    $41.67
lights                  $16.67
props                  $10.00
costumes             $25.00
office supplies        $8.33
phone                   $3.33
internet                 $6.67
cleaning supplies     $0.83
drinking water         $0.83
printing                $12.50
marketing             $25.00

Total Tuition Cost        $300.83

We know that times are hard and money is tight for everyone.  Because Tacoma Youth Theatre cannot provide scholarships at this time, we are temporarily moving forward with a pay-what-you-can tuition model.  Every young artist cast in an audition-based program (not open enrollment) will pay either the full tuition of $300 or select a lesser payment their family can afford.  Our only requirement is that everyone pay something.  You know the value of Tacoma Youth Theatre's mission.  We are now asking everyone to support that mission.